Perfect Plot?

The Perfect Plot?

Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to be offered a well-maintained and relatively weed free allotment, with laid out fertile beds teeming with veg and flowers.  A shed, painted in Fired Earth Gardeners Bothy from the National Trust collection, and covered with a fragrant rambling rose.  Desk and chair inside to write your scintillating weekly blog with camping stove for tea/coffee and when needed, a bottle of Gin (Hendricks).

So, let’s imagine you get the call from the council with an offer, and when you arrive at the site you are faced with this ‘perfect allotment’ – or are you?   Admittedly, you have been given a wonderful start in your allotment life (perhaps you were born with a silver trowel in your hand) but personally I feel that after the initial euphoria (which may last a couple of months); I would want to change the landscape.  Beds too small or too large.  Paths too wide or too narrow.  Shed too well painted, looks artificial.  No slugs or snails (well maybe that is unrealistic).  I would want to make the plot my very own.

Yes we all enjoy a good old whinge about getting a weed infested plot – I mean what kind of moron leaves an allotment in this state!  The backache, the stiff arms and legs, hands like sandpaper and finger nails so dirty you either keep hands in pockets or wear gloves to work!  But oh the sheer joy of creating your own plot.  That feeling of pure bliss when a year or so down the line you arrive at your plot, veg, fruit and flowers growing, and all planted by you.  OK so we have slugs and snails, the aphids are feasting on the broad beans and vine weevil is considering touring your plot for a season, but the weed infested wasteland is now an organic allotment and all created by you.   Happiness.



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