Mulch – Part II

leaf mulch

Last Autumn I collected heaps and heaps and heaps of wet autumn leaves and filled an extra-large black plastic bag which I randomly pierced with the sharp point of my secateurs and stored by the shady side of my compost bin.  Today, a year later, I decided to open the bag which now had the appearance of a deflated balloon. The yellow, red and green leaves had turned a beautiful rich earthy brown and looked so delicious for a split second I wanted to eat them.  I think the sight of a couple of worms wiggling through the contents brought me back to my senses.  The leaves crumbled further in my hands and I applied as mulch to two newly planted bare root rose bushes (Gertrude Jekyll and Mayflower).  Only later did I collect my thoughts and take a photo (such a shame I did not take one earlier of the crumbling leaves and the wiggly worms).  I now plan to store the leaves I collected over the last four weeks for two years just to see how they further rot and decay.


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