Oh that old black magic called ……..

DSCN0126 (234x320)             Kale black magic (240x320)         DSCN0124 (283x320)

There was a time in my life when the words black magic conjured up the image of a black box full of chocolates.  Well the times they are a changing. This year I discovered a different kind of black magic, a dark green, almost black, blistered leaf vegetable.  Yep I am talking kale, and a particular kind of kale, the British equivalent of Tuscan Kale.  Its full name is Cabbage Black Magic and it is so easy to grow.  The plant is rather more compact than Tuscan Kale, growing about two foot high, so staking is not needed.  The leaves are narrower, a little darker, and tend to grow closer to the ground.   I planted some seeds direct in early May, under cover to protect against cabbage white fly and the birds, and have been picking leaves since August.  I stripped two plants bare by the end of October but noticed last week that both are showing new shoots.  I am told that this wonderful vegetable loves Jack Frost and becomes sweeter after his arrival!  I will definitely be eating kale over Christmas and into 2014.  I plan to plant again next May with a red curly kale to create a bed of texture and colour.


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