Turning the corner

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I took the scenic route to the allotment today – through the common – it’s the long way but I wanted to enjoy the trees in their own simplicity without lots of tinsel and baubles!  (Yes, I am having a Scrooge moment). Winter is the time when I can see the bones of my plot, looking at what needs changing, what needs repairing, and realising once again my inability to lay a straight line!  Leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, parsnips and kale continue to grow and decorate the plot, and the broad beans planted last month are sending out strong shoots.

I am working on the final allotment plans for 2014 although to be truthful I have reached this stage numerous times over the last two months, but that is the joy of gardening!  Since getting the allotment seed catalogues are compulsory winter reading, and I thoroughly enjoy this pastime.

On Sunday I cleared the raspberry patch which was so satisfying and received a lovely surprise, crocus bulbs sending up new shoots (I forgot that I had planted quite a few last year, they are much loved by the birds!)


It feels like a ‘turning the corner’ time,  which is appropriate when you realise that in a few days the winter solstice will arrive, the shortest day and the longest night and the promise of longer days to come.

Question:  My favourite vegetable this year is definitely kale (I am addicted to it).  To anyone who spares the time to read my blog – do you have a particular vegetable that you loved this year and to those just starting, what vegetable are you particularly looking forward to growing in 2014?


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