The parsnip experiment

I tried to grow this sweet earthy vegetable in 2010, failed miserably and gave up!  Roll in 2013 and a resolution to discard the wimp mantle and try again.  To give myself a fighting chance of succeeding, I spent one late winter afternoon reading the best way to sow parsnip seeds.  Pre-germination was the light bulb moment.

Light bulb moment

I opted for the damp paper towel method.  Spacing the seeds 1” apart on damp paper laid in two plastic trays.  I enclosed both trays in a plastic bag and left to germinate in a cupboard (dark and fairly warm).  The seeds sprouted after a couple of weeks!  I planted all one windy day towards the end of March together with seeds not pre-germinated as an experiment.  The pre-germinated seeds grew and grew. The direct sown seeds refused (could this be due to the soil, I wonder).  Oh the wonderful feeling of seeing a tiny seed reach fruition.

The wimp is dead – hail the parsnip year!

Parsnip    DSCN0177


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