A brighter picture?

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To all the bloggers who requested a clearer/brighter pic of the ‘foreign’ plant residing in the raspberry patch, thank you for taking the time to look at the original ‘dark’ pic.  I visited the plot this morning (no rain!) and hopefully the photos above are clearer.  Look forward to your replies.     I am hoping the plant is a crane’s bill.     


3 thoughts on “A brighter picture?

  1. might be creeping buttercup – they tend to put out little runners that boing across above ground an inch or few then put roots down and create another plant – they do look a bit like cranesbills…not the greatest of news I’m afraid

  2. Well spotted – it may be creeping buttercup – I will leave it and see what happens – it will be easy to pull up if needed. It is giving some greenery to a bleak plot at the moment. Many thanks

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