18 Plastic Bottles Resting On The Ground

B Beans 2 Jan

Looking at the plastic bottles on the plot brings to mind the song 10 green bottles hanging on the wall.  Well I have 18 plastic bottles resting in the ground and am hoping to keep 18 through the wind and rain!

I think it was during my second year on the plot when I thought I was pulling up weeds but later realised it was the emerging spring onions (I had not placed any markers) – DOH! So now when I direct sow I place a cut down plastic bottle over the seed as a marker and spread bands of vaseline around the bottle to try and keep the slugs and snails at bay.

I like to sow broad beans in November. Tradition says if you sow on Bonfire night you will have a good crop.  I usually manage just before or just after.  I generally sow Super Aquadulce, although last year I tried The Sutton. For taste and quantity I personally prefer SA.

All the seeds sown have sprouted and are coming along nicely, snug in their protected plastic coats.  I am concerned about the amount of rain, water is good but too much will cause problems.  I did try to sow in straight lines but, as you can see, failed yet again!  I have continued with my freebie newspaper mulching around the seedlings, not a pretty sight, but plan to cover the paper with compost in a week or so.

Interestingly, I have no puddles where I have mulched with newspaper.


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