The Itch of January

Nigella's ghost (392x600) They say a new year is a good time to sow the seeds for new beginnings.  Oh I am itching to start a new year!   I want to sow new beginnings.  I want to create a landscape of colour, a feast of vegetables, a rainbow of flowers.

I have bought seeds, swapped seeds, and sadly threw away the way out of date seeds (still regretting this).  Spent endless moments wondering if in 2014 spring will briskly merge into summer and summer gently into autumn, or will the rain throw the seasons to the wind?

Well hello, the month is January, the soil is wet.  What more can I say.  I am itching to feel the moist crumbly earth sticking to my fingernails.  Itching to spend whole days on my plot.   Itching to discuss the weather, the soil, the disasters of last year, the oh what delights shall we smell and taste this year.

So yesterday, fed up with itching, I walked to the allotment.  No rain.  The sun smiled and I found a few delights.

Sunlight broccoli

Sunlight on broccoli leaves

A purple feast                            PSB

Tree land  Returning home I see the trees are holding hands and I stand in the middle wanting to join in, but they remain aloof.  I am in a different landscape today – itching!


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