Greeting the sky


In the vast earth roots are spreading

a leaf unfurls

To greet the sky

My itching frame of mind that was all consuming last week is no more.  I spent a good half day at the plot on Saturday and my legs still ache!  One of the many delights of the allotment site is the ‘shed shop’.  Here I can buy all manner of gardening feeds, canes, netting and, more importantly, large bags of stable manure. So the bed planned for courgettes, pumpkins and dwarf French beans received its second 80 kilo bag of manure on Saturday. The courgettes will love me!  There is no photo of this bed as I am sure my fellow bloggers are not really interested in seeing a pile of manure.  Mr T, my next door allotment neighbour, brought coffee and flapjacks and chatted happily for a good hour on the pruning of his gooseberry bush.  His white and red currant bushes are the envy of many.

Crocus emerging         The crocuses are pushing up to the reach the sky


Love-in-the-Mist is sprouting and spreading.

BB 20 Jan and the broad beans planted in November are weathering the rain remarkably well, looking very green and very healthy.


2 thoughts on “Greeting the sky

  1. Call me crazy, but a pile of manure would be a welcome sight right now! Snow is falling and another deep freeze starts tonight. I feel like I’m just killing time and waiting for spring, my live-in-the-moment philosophy completely discarded.

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