A Balancing Act

Wishing and hoping to see if any further movement in the growing realm, I walked to the allotment.   Of course I have nothing of great consequence to report.  What we wish for takes time!

Snowdrops 1Still the snowdrops are greening the soil although this pic does not do them justice.

Weeds are beginning to colonise the herb patch and asparagus bed, so accompanied by two robins pecking away at the soil (no doubt wanting to eat my lovely digging friends the worms), I cleared the weeds, dumping them in the weed tea bucket.   (See the weed tea recipe in the Green Tip page).

I plan to take off the newspaper mulch in a few weeks and water the beds with green tea.  I do this early spring, before the main sowing season, to counter balance a possible nitrogen lock up, supposedly caused by the carbon based organic matter from the newspaper mulch covering the manured beds.  To be honest I am not sure if newspaper mulch causes a significant nitrogen lock up.  I am no chemist.   Still, better safe than sorry, and the freebie newspapers do make a great mulch.


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