Splendidly Alive

I spent a considerable amount of time last week grappling with an umbrella and trying, with little success, to avoid the numerous puddles that were gradually turning into urban lakes. By Wednesday my irritation had turned into a weather induced angst. Saturday brought some relief, the sun’s rays making a welcome appearance and the rain taking a day off. Wrapping up warm (the wind was blowing quite fiercely) I walked to the allotment via the common, but my mind was so engrossed in mindless irritations that I barely registered the landscape. I arrived to find Mr T, my plot neighbour, mulching his fruit trees. Good morning, how are you I asked. His reply took my breath away.     Splendidly alive he replied, splendidly alive.

Kale still growing                                        Lunch

Two of my five a day picked for Saturday lunch

It is the 1st of February.  The kale planted last May is still feeding me.  The broccoli twinkles in the winter sun like a purple jewel, and out of the 18 broad bean seeds I planted in November only one looks sickly and probably for the compost heap.

Snowdrops soon to flower  Snowdrop emerging

The two new rose bushes, Gertrude Jekyll and Mayflower, also planted in November, are slowly unfurling their leaves. My third rose bush, Miss Alice, greeted me with a small bud!  It was difficult to take photos today as the wind was furiously moving each twig, each leaf.

My plot is splendidly alive and so am I.

I discovered a very useful website today – www.slugoff.co.uk – full of information


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