Ready to burst

Last week the rain kept the stop button firmly in place on visiting the allotment.  So today, with no rain, it felt like an adventure walking through the common with a large bag, full to burst, of green kitchen waste to feed the compost heap.

The main door to the allotment site (painted green, of course) which sticks in winter, opened with a very slight push and the key turned at my first attempt.   I felt lucky!

No puddles on the plot.  The wind had dislodged part of the broccoli netting but the broccoli looked fine, busily sprouting.  It was the sight of the crocus bulbs on the verge of bursting open that brought a smile to my face.  They are the messengers of spring.  When they burst into flower winter is at an end.



And not to forget the snowdrops.  Will time allow me to capture the grand opening?  1

Following the pattern of my previous visits in January, I picked kale and broccoli for the week plus a few sprigs of thyme.  This year I must sow more leeks and parsnips so I do not run out after the Christmas break.  I did a little weeding, and walked home.  The sky began to darken and the wind whipped the trees.  I was bursting for a cup of tea!



3 thoughts on “Ready to burst

  1. I’m curious where you live, that you already have crocuses and bare soil! Up here in the frozen north, we have well over a food of snow. (I do live in the frozen north by choice, as I don’t like hot and steamy weather, but I am starting to have garden fantasies)

    I did spend the weekend at an organic farming and gardening conference — very fun.,

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