Earth = Heart

Open crocus  I enjoy  anagrams although I have to admit I am not particularly good at them. Some people, with the sweep of an eye, can see the hidden other word(s) in an anagram. However, I still remember that light bulb moment many years ago when I looked at the word EARTH and saw the hidden word HEART.

Friday, St Valentine’s day, saw an increase in the purchase of flowers, mostly imported roses, the vast majority of which will die in a couple of days. Surely a bouquet of delicate crocuses or snowdrops tightly packed in a pot is a more heart-felt gift. Love in bloom and growing, with the promise of spring and all the joys of earth’s valentine gift to us to come – luscious, vibrant, strong or delicate blooms with fragrances to take our breath away (and feed the bees and butterflies).

Crocus and raindrops   Opening to the sky

Snowdrop in the wind The snowdrops have opened!  It was hard to take a really sharp pic, as the wind moved their delicate blooms.

Returning home via the common,   1

reflections  puddles join together to create a mini lake


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