Get out of my space

broccoli Mar 1  PSB brightening up the plot

Accepting and respecting people that we don’t necessarily gel with is not always easy.  Plants, like humans, prefer to spend time with friends.  We talk a lot about companion planting, but I find it enlightening to learn about the combatants in the garden and not just for the sake of the plants.  When someone is really annoying me,  I think look at it this way, s/he is a tomato plant and you are a broad bean, give them space and all will be well.  Sounds ridiculous but it works, and it makes me smile.  We may never share a latte but at least we can respect each other’s space.

Gardeners are preparing to sow their seeds and plant their seedlings, so it’s good to remember the plants that don’t get on – give them space and they will grow and peace will reign.  (That is, of course, once you remove the slugs, snails, caterpillars and whitefly, but hey who said life is perfect!)

This is not an exhaustive list, and I am sure there are gardeners who can happily grow some of the ‘combatants’ together.  I planted broad beans in a bed three years ago where nasturtiums had previously reigned, and was warned the beans would not be happy, but had no problems.

Don’t plant With
asparagus onions,   garlic
beans Tomatoes,   chives, hot peppers, garlic
bell   peppers fennel,   kholrabi
broccoli lettuce
cabbage strawberries,   grapes, tomatoes, and lettuce impairs the flavour of cabbage
cauliflower radish,   beetroot
chard melons
chives beans,   peas
cucumber potatoes,   marjoram
hot   peppers beans
garlic asparagus,   beans, peas
leeks legumes
lettuce broccoli,   fennel, lavender
peas garlic,   potatoes, chives, grapes, onions
potatoes cucumber,   peas
radish cauliflower,   brussels sprouts, turnips
tomatoes cabbage,   beans
strawberries cabbage



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