Preparation for a feast

Watching the sunlight play on the plot today, whilst mentally going through the plans laid in the depth of winter, I remembered a film I particularly liked from the late 1980’s, Babette’s Feast.   In a nutshell, a housekeeper’s lottery ticket finally comes good (she is French but living in Denmark), and she decides to cook a sumptuous banquet for her friends and neighbours.   The final part of the film is a visual delight, as the dishes appear the colours become more vivid.

My plot has little colour at the moment,  but soon it will turn with all the colours of the rainbow and more, just like the film.  I have prepared the beds, the soil is slowly warming, the worms are happy.   I am preparing for a feast.


For the last two years, unless I direct sow, I sow seeds in egg boxes separating each section before filling with compost so I can plant individually in the soil.  It works beautifully.  I start the majority of seed sowing mid-March as I don’t particularly like using heated propagators (just a personal thing – I have friends who use them with excellent results).  I usually plant out the seedlings end of March.

aa      cc

Beetroot                                                 Kale – black magic and red curly

I also placed lots of parsnip seeds on damp paper towels which worked very well last year, and the seedlings should be ready for planting out end of March.    Lots more seeds to sow and not just vegetables but flowers also.   As you can see there is very little colour, but it is all in the preparation.  Colour will come!


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