Out of the dark

Seed sowing is full of expectation and for me a constant marvel. The tasty vegetables on my plate, the luscious bowls of fruit, and the vases of flowers decorating my home, all from a seed that I planted (well the majority if I am truthful). How amazing is that!

Most of the seeds planted in the last few weeks are in the germinating process, but wandering around my plot a few days ago I spotted an asparagus shoot pushing out of the earth

1 marvelling for some minutes at this new beginning, my thoughts turned to a book I loved as a child on Greek myths (written in very basic English  I may add).

Oh yes, Persephone, the personification of vegetation, is returning from the dark, from her exile in Hades. Demeter’s mourning bringing winter to the earth is ending, as her daughter’s return marks the start of spring and the abundance of vegetation to come. It is often said that Persephone means destruction but it can also mean to show, to bring to light.  On my plot vegetation is showing, is bringing light to the dark earth.

27 Raspberry leaves greeting spring

8  Oregano given a short back and sides last winter now sporting new leaves

13  20

Californian poppy                        Echinacea shoots

11 Verdant Camomile

25 Cranesbill coming out of dormancy


And a Parsnip seed, germinated at home on a damp paper towel, resting in the earth.  Hello Persephone!


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