Into the Light

I took a slightly different route to the plot today, walking by the railway bank

23   DSCN0719

20 (338x450)  Shades of blue marking the way.

Last week it definitely felt like ‘coming out of the dark’ with the start of new growth on the plot.  After an absence of five days I was not really expecting much change.  What a difference a week makes!  The mixture of sun and rain over the last six days had turned the budding new growth into a verdant wonder (well  that is a slight exaggeration, but growth has definitely doubled).

The bare earth and dying crocuses are no longer visible in the raspberry patch.  The raspberry canes and phacelia tanacetifolia now expanding into a green jungle.

5 (800x600)

The asparagus (second year) has doubled in height

12 (600x800)

The cranes-bill expands

25  Last week

This week 14

The tiny parsnip seedlings germinated on damp paper towels and planted last week are now showing their seed leaf (all protected by cut off plastic bottles to ensure I don’t mistake for a weed).

Last week 28

This week 4


The broad beans continue to grow although the aphids are about!


A few mushrooms have appeared in the temporary herb bed but I know so little about fungi so am leaving well alone.

Verbena bonariensis now in its third year, has lots of new leaves.


The beetroot and kale seeds planted direct about ten days ago (in separate beds) are showing their seed leaves (the light was so strong I couldn’t take a photo).  The chives are thriving


Lots of sprouting weeds which I pulled up and threw into the weed tea bucket.  In a few weeks the nutrient rich tea will feed the soil in preparation for the courgette seedlings. Discovered lots of greenfly on the  rose bushes, some quite large, but now all gone (squashed to death sorry to say).

After a long wet winter, we are out of the dark and into the light. Lots to do!


Walking home


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