Touchy Feely Visual Delights

The sunlight cleverly lit up the plot this weekend enlarging the debris left over from winter and early spring that I definitely need to shift. The weeds shouted loud and clear, we are here and we are not going away. There is lots to do, but I was captivated by the visual delights of colour and texture – the sheen on the broad beans, the silky/velvety Californian poppy bursting with heat, the luscious green of the chamomile, the woodland feel of the strawberry patch, and the strong yet delicate colour of the chive flower and phacelia tanacetifolia. The weeds and debris can wait!

Looking at the photographs below, I couldn’t help but notice that they are variations of images seen countless times before, but for me they are images of plants that I have grown. What gardener does not feel pride bursting out when a seed they have planted sprouts and grows and colours the earth.



2   15a

8a   10a





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