A Breezy Buzzing Morning

There were moments yesterday when I looked like a living scarecrow as I tried to lay barley straw around the strawberry plants. The wind just blew it back at me. Then the rain arrived in a spluttering, splattering fashion, followed by bursts of bright warm sunshine. The weather shifts continued for most of the morning. About to photograph the first rose blooms of 2014, a little buzz of magic arrived –

1a  a white tailed bumblebee.

2a White Tailed Bumblebee (600x459)

 A mixture of rain and sun light up the rose blooms




5a An attempt at trying to portray the wind as it whooshed around the asparagus bed











6 thoughts on “A Breezy Buzzing Morning

  1. Lovely bee photo. The bees at our place swarmed recently and most of my photos are just blurs! I enjoyed your green tips too- the banana peel one is ingenious!

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