Shades of Green


Emerging strawberry in shades of yellow-green

Busy day on the plot planting out the courgette and squash seedlings and sowing a mixture of dwarf French bean seeds. The parsnip, beetroot and kale sowings from mid-April are greening the earth. The slugs have all but eaten the Cerinthe major purpurascens’ (Honeywort) seedlings so loved by the bees, but I am praying that at least one seedling will be saved and flower. Here’s to hoping! There are dashes and splashes of colour all over the allotment site, but the day belongs to green – lime green, emerald green, bottle green, bright green, yellow-green, comfrey green and strawberry green!


Fruits are forming


Parsnip seedling greening the earth

The soft and gentle green of Love-in-the-Mist – a miniature forest





Ladybirds love the comfrey patch which is now looking quite bare as have begun the comfrey brew which should be ready in about 10 days to feed the strawberries.





One thought on “Shades of Green

  1. Green is definitely my favorite color. That first picture of the tiny baby strawberry is great. We tend not to show off our produce when it’s just starting out but still interesting to see.

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