More Bees and an Otherwordly Spider

Nigella Damascena is one of my all-time favourite flowers and graces my plot each year. It is a flower of fairy stories.  A hint of darkness weaving through the delicate mists of blue and green.  Watching the bee as it landed on this enchanted flower, the central green carpel with the long wiry slightly twisted spurs seemed to shift-shape into an otherworldly green spider waiting to catch the bee!


And the bees have arrived. At one point, I counted 11 bees dancing around the Phacelia in my raspberry patch, however, no matter how hard I tried I could only photograph a few at a time. Here are three.


And its bee feeding thyme in the herb patch!


As you can see, I spent a great deal of time yesterday photographing bees!

2 The beetroot seeds sown in mid-April are maturing nicely. This one will soon be ready for roasting.

8  The chard, sown at the same time, is, I think, the tortoise to the beet hare.


The Leek/Parsnip patch is coming along nicely.  I have planted calendula and nasturtium to colour the green in the coming months.

As I finish writing this post two things occur to me, one I must build a bee motel and two I must sow some poached egg flower seeds (I have never sown this lovely bright smiling flower, so loved by hoverflies)



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