The Forest of Gusarapas

3   On the edge of the forest of Gusarapas, a cacophony of humming, flapping and hovering pierces the early morning silence.

01The Right Honourable Lady Bird, resplendent in red and black, sits nervously on her favourite leaf pondering the impending danger.

whilst White Tail Bumble Bee  9 - Copy enjoys an early morning drink

A little too early in the day  to be drinking flaps Miss Cabbage-White and demurely folds her wings and hides under a large green leaf (the very same leaf on which Lady Bird is nervously resting).

White Tail, speaks Lady Bird, you must gather your clan and do the Buzz.  Do the Buzz, hums White Tail, hummmmmmmmmm, why?  Why, Lady Bird replies haughtily.  Do I have to spell it out in large spots!  The Gusarapas beetles have returned and are devouring the forest (and multiplying)

2So you see, the Buzz is needed to summon Two Large Hands to do what only Two Large Hands can do.  So please White Tail do the buzz.



9  Buzzzzzzzzzzz

Two Large Hands on hearing the Buzz moves towards Gusarapas and spies a beetle

1  Oh dear, oh dearie me, oh no!  Oh well I must. oh dear and with a snapping motion of the thumb and index finger, Large Two Hands begins to squashhhhhhhh – squashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – squash – squash – squashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Gusarapas beetles.

4  And so the sun shone happily on the forest of Gusarapas, now safe from extinction (well for a few days at least)

The End


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