My allotment is also my garden. People often comment on how sad I must feel not to have a garden. Yes at times I do wish I could open the door, morning cup of tea in hand, and stroll around the garden. However, what I lack in immediacy I gain in anticipation.   Each time I walk to the plot (or take the bus if I am feeling lazy) the anticipation begins to mount, (it actually starts the moment I leave the plot and slowly increases as I move towards the next visit). Will I arrive to devastation from a slug and snail fest, wilting flowers and vegetables from lack of water during a hot spell, have the birds eaten their fill of strawberries, or the pigeons the kale. Then again, maybe the rose bushes will be covered in blooms, the strawberries fat and juicy and vegetables ready for picking.  Last week I found four stalks minus leaf and flower – the slugs and snails love a dish of Cosmos – but I took home lots of luscious strawberries and two beetroots ready for roasting.

It’s a short journey of not knowing, but I enjoy the anticipation. The excitement of seeing the growth since my last visit and lately I have only visited at the weekend so I have a week’s worth to look at. This morning I was a little anxious about the courgette and squash seedlings planted a few weeks ago. Last year I lost a few young tender courgette plants to the slugs and snails, including the stalks. No worries, courgettes and squash plants are thriving.

Courgette flower

Courgette flower after a good watering.

Again four stalks greeted me today (is the number 4 significant to slugs and snails), they were sprouting dwarf French beans last week, but I still have six remaining and I can direct sow more seeds. The roses are blooming

Alice rose

and I am loving the bed of parsnips/leeks/spring onions/nasturtiums and marigolds, it is a symphony in green with splashes of unfolding colour. Parsnips & Leeks

nasturtium 2 Nasturtium and leek

I may not have a garden outside my front door, but I do love my plot!


3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Looks great! I’m lucky to have a plot here at home, but it’s not half as well-tended looking as yours, at the moment! And I know what you mean, I love going in there and seeing what’s grown (or been eaten), what’s flowering, what’s ready to pick. It’s exciting every time…

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