A Zen moment

Each year there is a brief period when all thoughts of gardening plans past and future cease. It often happens during the Wimbledon fortnight.  Fruit, veg and flowers are thriving, apart from the usual slug and snail nibbles.  The weeds are few and far between and though they try to return I am too quick for them to multiple.  I have won game, set and match. (but there will always be another match to win!)

I woke early this morning so I could enjoy the plot before the forecasted rain and it worked perfectly.  Arriving just after 7am, the plot reminded me of a patchwork quilt sheltering the earth, the insects and worms.  I picked beetroot; chard leaves, strawberries, a few raspberries, chives and flowers, then sat on the grass and enjoyed the moment.  The rain came just as I arrived back home.  Sometimes it just all comes together.

courgette flowers Orange nasturtiums

raspberry 1 chamomile

swiss chardVB

tomato 1Calendula CranesbillGertrude JekyllRose nasturtiumcranesbill  Parsnips & Leeks (338x450)






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