Urban living


Living in the city can sometimes feel suffocating.  Fortunately there are places that bring oxygen to the mind. The Garden Museum, located in a deconsecrated church next to Lambeth Palace on the south bank of the River Thames, is a place I love to spend time. As well as hosting exhibitions, there is a fantastic selection of old gardening tools and garden paraphernalia spanning over 400 years. The knot garden is a verdant oasis, especially in the sweltering heat. It’s a great place to meet friends for lunch or coffee and homemade cake.

However, during my visit a few days ago it was this beetle enjoying the coolness of the churchyard that caught my interest.

Longhorn beetle

The abstract pattern and shape remind me of a warrior’s shield. There are many historic treasures in this city that people wish to protect, but what is also important is protecting, nurturing, enjoying and respecting the city’s biodiversity.  The churchyard is providing a wonderful habitat for breeding, shelter and food.  It is not just humans who need a place to live and food to eat.




4 thoughts on “Urban living

  1. An oasis in the city; as more of us move to urban environments places like this (and allotments, of course!) provide sanctuary and respite for nature and people alike. A lovely post – thank you.

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