The bigger world

DSCN1393 (276x246)I have taken quite a few photographs of bees, butterflies, wasps, hoverflies, beetles, worms (the list is endless) that ‘visit’ my plot. They don’t object, they don’t ask for money or the rights to the photos.  They are not celebs!  But more importantly, they are not, as I often refer, visitors!  They are the pollinators, the diggers, the workers that keep my organic plot growing and thriving.  It is their home and you could say I am the visitor, without them I would have no produce to eat, no flowers to enjoy, no visual delights or wonderful fragrances.  I admit there is a downside.  Today I discovered slugs have devoured a whole chervil plant, for the third time, a snail got stuck in the spout of the watering can whilst I was trying to water the courgettes and my legs are covered in bites.  But it is also their home and to keep an organic plot you have to take the rough with the smooth, although at times not an easy task.

  6  4 (470x393)

5 This marmalade coloured creature is a rose sawfly which may well explain why one of my rose bushes is producing buds but failing to flower this year. Interestingly this is my first sighting.

Gardening is good for the soul, a constant learning process, giving you time to reflect, to enjoy, to appreciate, to see a bigger world, not a small me world.







4 thoughts on “The bigger world

    • Yes it looked like a marmalade fly, quite magical – then I looked it up on the intranet – I decided to rename it Marmalade Bite because it kind of bites into the leaves of one of my rose bushes – I will have to find an organic way of dealing with it.

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