Lost the plot

Each year, towards the end of July beginning of August, I get this kind of lost feeling at the allotment.  It’s a completely different feeling to the one I wrote about in June which is a more appreciating the moment and everything coming together – and everything is still together but …….

I visit three or four times a week, pick vegetables, water, do a little weeding and stuff my face with raspberries (this is the reason why I never have enough to make raspberry jam, though I usually manage to keep a punnet and freeze for eating over Christmas).  Sow beetroot, lettuce and wild rocket seeds every couple of weeks and that is it. This year I’ve collected an enormous amount of calendula flower heads to dry so I can make ointment.

calendula  So why the lost feeling?  Silly as this sounds, it’s as if the plot does not need me.  I have done all the work, laying the manure, mulching, then a few months later sowing, carefully watching over the young seedlings, laying compost and in some cases straw to keep the moisture in and weeds out, plus weeding where necessary. Now the maturing takes place and there is little for me to do.

Leeks Parsnips Radish Spring Onions Calendula  leek, parsnip and spring onion bed a few months ago

and now DSCN1415

I sat for about an hour yesterday, ate a handful of white and red currants from my neighbour’s plot and chatted, ate a handful of raspberries from my plot and walked home with a bag full of veg.   I know, I sound like a petulant child!  Be in the moment, enjoy!  And I will, in a week or so, but until then it is as if I have momentarily lost the plot.

DSCN1461 Field Scabious – the English botanist William Withering observed that goats and sheep like to eat this lovely flower but it is not liked by cows and horses



2 thoughts on “Lost the plot

  1. I think I know what you mean. In spring there were big tasks to take care of every time I went. Now there’s kind of a lull before major tomato harvesting and canning. When that momentum breaks it feels like something is missing.

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