The Lungs of London

DSCN1472Outwith is a  lovely descriptive old Scottish word meaning ‘outside of’.  The word came to mind last week whilst picking tomatoes.  The feeling of the plot not needing me these last few weeks (read my last posting) lingers, bit it would be more accurate to say it feels like I am outside of the plot but not in a negative way.  I am not without the plot but outwith. However, whatever I feel, the plot just gives and in abundance!  I do a little weeding then ‘pick and go’ (and this week the rain has taken care of the watering).

My attention has turned to the London Planetree (Platanus x acerifolia), often referred to as the lungs of London. The trees, planted in abundance by the Victorians, are able to remove up to 80% of the city’s air pollution.  The bark is renewed by constant flaking ensuring the tree remains immune to the polluted air.  How cool is that.  Renewal and transformation. Cleaner air and magical moments of tree art in the making.   They make my journey to work enjoyable.

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