Green Tomato Chutney with Vodka

Its been all quiet on the allotment front the last few weeks as I have been picking and pickling. My latest experiment is green tomato chutney with vodka.  This is the first time I have added alcohol to a chutney and because I was unsure of the final taste, I used small quantities.  However in hindsight the 200g of tomatoes could increase to 300g, although I am not sure if I would increase the other ingredients, perhaps an extra 50ml of white wine vinegar. It’s quite a rich chutney which goes well especially well with brie or goats cheese. The mixture made one and three quarter jars of chutney, so nearly a full jar for me and one jar for a Christmas present (I want to make all my presents this year).


200g green tomatoes chopped in half / 2 small garlic cloves / 75g raisons


1 red onion / half teaspoon of cinnamon / 3 Allspice pods / 1 tsp salt / Pinch of pepper / 2inch fresh ginger chopped / 275g of sugar /  150ml white wine vinegar / 100ml of vodka.

Lightly fry the garlic, ginger and tomatoes in a little olive oil for a few minutes, add all other dry ingredients, mix well.  Add the white wine vinegar, stir, and finally the vodka.


Simmer until the mixture turns a lovely dark brown.  I simmered for 1.5 hours.






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