Nasturtium Vinegar Hair Rinse

1 Nasturtiums have continued to grow and bloom since late spring and I have made use of all the plant, pickling the green seeds as an alternative to capers and infusing a few leaves and petals in white wine vinegar to make a lovely peppery rose tinted vinegar (see blog from August 17th – You Grow Girl).  Nasturtium is also a plant for the hair (it has a high sulphur content), arresting hair loss, promoting growth and stimulating the scalp.  It was once prescribed for men going bald!

A herbal vinegar rinse is a well-known remedy to remove scaly build up and residue, the cause of dull looking hair.  Vinegar, especially cider vinegar, restores the natural ph and prevents an itchy scalp plus the rinse closes the hair cuticles. Cider vinegar is preferred for hair and body use although I am told that white wine vinegar can be used.

Nasturtium herbal vinegar rinse

20gms of a mixture of fresh nasturtium leaves, stalks and flowers / 10 green seed pods / one teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves / 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Infuse the mixture in 300ml of cider vinegar for two weeks (shaking the mixture every day for the first few days). Strain and rebottle the liquid.  To use, place a tablespoon of the nasturtium vinegar in 300ml of cold water.  After washing and rinsing the hair pour the vinegar rinse mixture through the hair catching the liquid in a bowl to pour through the hair one more time.  Do not rinse out.  The vinegar smell remains for a few minutes only.


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