Egg and Fluff

In my quest to deal with the slugs and snails that inhabit my plot I have come up with a new plan. Will it work?  I am not sure and this is not the best time of year to experiment, but the cold weather has not yet descended, so I am thinking of giving it a go around a strawberry plant for a week.

As most gardeners know baked and crushed eggshells are rich in calcium and if laid around vegetables can deter slugs and snails, to some extent. I also use vacuum debris in the compost heap (and when planting tomato plants, digging well into the planting hole – a tip from an old gardener friend of my grandmother).  The vacuum cleaner debris which includes hair slowly releases nitrogen into the soil.  I have also read that hair from brushes should not be thrown away but used on the compost heap.  I have wool carpets and would definitely not recommend if you have synthetic carpets.

Many gardeners are now using a product called Slug Gone, wool pellets that expand when watered and disliked by slugs and snails. As I love to recycle I thought why not combine baked crushed eggshells with the vacuum debris to make, I hope, a new formula to keep the blighters off my vegetables and flowers.  They are not such a problem in the herb patch.

I didn’t weigh amounts but baked quite a few eggshells and once cooled crushed and added to a bag of vacuum debris. I am not sure if I should use the egg & fluff around emerging broad beans as I wonder if the flea beetle will use as a home.  I need to do more research.  I also found it difficult to mix the ingredients together and wonder if I should dampen the vacuum debris before mixing with the baked shells next time.





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