Turning the wheel

The clocks went back last night and this morning as I made my way to the plot I could feel winter in the air.  Over the last couple of weeks I have laid quite a few large bags of manure but the plot still has patches of colour dotted about with vegetables and fruit to eat; leeks, parsnips, kale, cut and come again salad leaves, raspberries and beetroot.


The leeks stand proud and the parsnips snuggle underground whilst the nasturtiums keep blooming.  I have a large surplus of Calendula and Nasturtium seeds so am thinking of putting a handful in small envelopes and placing inside Christmas cards.

DSCN1778 and am also bottling lots of raspberries in vodka in my quest to make Christmas presents.

Nigella and Field Scabious bring vibrant colour to the plot.


2I want to plant more field scabious next year as it is rich in nectar and the bees, butterflies and moths love it and so do the birds. In bygone days the plant was medicinally used for skin ailments especially to treat scabies hence the name scabious.


3 thoughts on “Turning the wheel

  1. I love the picture with the nasturtium leaves! I had the same idea for my raspberries too. Funny how we get done in the garden and fast forward to Christmas…. Really happy I found your blog!

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