All’s Well That Ends Well

Rain was forecasted for today but I wanted to plant the broad bean seeds – Super Aquadulce – so I decided not to be a wimp and go to the allotment.  Only when I arrived at the plot I realised I had left the seed packet at home!  Frustrated I picked some kale, dug up a few leeks and took a wander around the plot.  It may be the 2nd November but it’s not all doom and gloom.  Look a rose unfurling


Strawberries ripening


and the Columbine is sprouting new leaves.3  A few minutes after taking the photographs the heavens opened, and I mean opened!  I got soaked walking to the bus stop.  I plan to sow the broad bean seeds on Wednesday, which I discovered this afternoon is a good day if you use the lunar cycle for planting. So all’s well that ends well.

Postscript:  On the 24th August I posted a blog with a recipe for Calendula ointment (salve) noting that I prefer to let the calendula flowers infuse in the oil in the dark for about six weeks.  I have since discovered that the best method is the solar folk remedy, leave the calendula oil infusion near a window to catch the sun for about 3 weeks.


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