A crisp December morning

3Yesterday was a perfect day to don wellies, coat and gloves and walk through the common to the plot.  Not a raindrop in sight and a clear blue sky.  I love the crisp December light and the morning the air seemed to sparkle.  The plan for the day was to plant the garlic cloves which I prefer to do in December.  Tradition says you should plant the cloves on the shortest day and dig up on the longest day.  I am a week early but I prefer to plant garlic within a few days of the cloves arriving in the post.  This year I am planting Solent Wight.

I made good use of the collection of wooden sticks from my daily morning latte to mark the spot of the newly planted cloves until the first shoots appear.


December is the month when I begin to dig up the parsnips, this way I can keep the supply going through to February.  Here is my the first parsnip of the year.  The photograph below does not truly depict the size, it’s big!  I rinsed the remaining splashes of mud off at home.


The leeks brighten the plot with the leaves catching the sunlight.  This may well be my last post for 2014 so a happy festive season to all.  Thank you for reading my blog and for your comments and thank you for your lovely blogs.



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