Winter’s Parting Gift


I like to think of the snowdrop as a parting gift from winter as she slowly leaves the northern hemisphere allowing spring to return.  I am more than happy to say thank you to winter for giving me the time to browse the seed catalogues, to make the numerous plans we gardeners love to make often over endless cups of coffee/tea and alcoholic beverages with friends, and to dream of the next cycle of flowers, fruits and vegetables. But I am ready to say goodbye, in fact I am itching to say goodbye and when the snowdrop blooms I know my wish will soon be realised.   But not only is this delicate flower signifying the end of winter it also contains an alkaloid, galanthamine, which is now approved for use in the management of Alzheimer’s disease. What a gift!

Compared to 2013/14, the winter of 2014/15 has been harsh.  Last February the crocuses were in bloom

Open crocus February 16 2014

And this year – February 7th 2015 Crocus x 2



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