Welcoming A New Year

After spending a lovely birthday weekend in the Hampshire countryside, returning to the urban landscape felt a tad grey!  Which is a little exaggerated on my part as I live a few minutes walk from a large common which is both open landscape and enclosed areas with trees protecting and nurturing you from the city chaos.

A week has passed since my last visit to the plot and I did not expect to find much change.  Oh how wrong was I.  The garlic is pushing up through the frosty soil (solent wight). 1

In a week the crocuses have grown from this

Crocus x 2  to this  2  Like a mini lightbulb growing out of the soil lighting the way to a new year.  And it felt like a new year both in terms of another year older and the pushing up of goodies to come.

Aquilegia coming to life 3

So although I have said happy new year to 2015 in an earlier blog, I want to say it again – happy new year to new and old gardening delights, to the next chapter in the battle against slugs and snails, to obsessions with the weather forecasts and to hands covered in soil – what a wonderful feeling!






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