Thanks shallot – I could shop till I drop

I have spent the last few weeks clearing the paths, pulling up emerging weeds to concoct the first of the year’s weed tea (my roses seem to particularly like weed tea) and turning the compost, which will be ready to lay in a couple of weeks.  Not having much to write about I have not visited the site but I did miss reading the blogs I follow.  So today is a catch up day.

My first attempt at growing shallots a few years ago was a limp affair.  The slugs ate the green shoots and when I dug up the shallots up they resembled spring onions.  I’ve grown onions and garlic successfully so I am going to try for a successful shallot year.

1 Each immature bulb should give me five to six bulbs

2  Snug in the earth

3 and protected from the birds.

Inspired by the planting I decided to walk home via the nursery.  After the dark winter it was a verdant oasis and for the first twenty minutes or so I was like a grasshopper flitting from one aisle to another  and muttering under my breath, I want that, oh definitely want that plant, yes must grow that plant.  Eventually I settled down and spent some time in the wild flower and herb sections and planning for this year.

I love reading plant names, rolling the words around, like a sacred vocabulary. A new plant for the wild flower patch this year is Digitalis Purpurea – the true foxglove, loved by the moth, foxglove pug, and of course the bees.  Whilst for us humans it is toxic unless prepared by a fully qualified medical herbalist, I read that Van Gogh used the plant to treat his epilepsy.


Crocuses still blooming  5


That’s my update, I am now going to read my favourite blogs.  Oh and if the weeds are beginning to become a nuisance, read Richard Mabey’s book Weeds, the story of Outlaw Plants.  It is fascinating book and extremely readable.  It gives you a zen moment of I don’t have any weeds just lovely plants.




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