March 22nd

There is much hustle and bustle down at the allotment site.  The shed shop has opened its doors; manure, compost, canes, netting, grit, liquid seaweed and other gardening paraphernalia are for sale (and at better prices than the nursery or garden centre).  It feels like all our gardening smiles have come together with one big grin floating through the air.

My plot is looking quite pristine after a few weeks of raking the soil and clearing the paths but it seems a little sterile, and I can’t wait for the earth to be covered and the colourful wildness to return.  As I prefer to direct sow as much as possible there are no photos of seedlings in tiny pots to show of emerging vegetables. What caught my eye today was the shape, texture and colour of emerging herbs and flowers with a couple of vegetables thrown in.

7  6

The photo does not do justice to the sheer beauty of the unfurling Columbine (Aquilegia).

2 Yarrow, loved by bees and butterflies and a medicinal herb arches and swirls above the earth.

Wild marjoram 4 the tender young leave have a lemony hue which will soon turn deep green.

8 Each year my broad beans lag behind those growing on other plots, then come the end of April they suddenly shoot up.  No idea why, it doesn’t occur with other veg I grow.  Someone did mention it may be due to the depth I plant the seed.

10 Garlic


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