Toad Hall – One tiny room rent free

Today was dedicated to creating an extremely small (and it is extremely small) toad haven.  I know of gardeners who created a toad haven from an old grow bag, rainwater and bits of garden debris and this was originally my plan, however, after a visit to my local nursery I decided on a circular black plastic flowerpot tray – no idea why!

There is a shady narrow strip next to the wooden compost bin where the slugs and snails like to congregate, so a good spot to invite toads!

The tray is now filled with rainwater thanks to a short deluge earlier last week, and I have added a few pebbles and some horticultural grit. I am now researching on what’s the best debris to add to make it more inviting for the toads. Instead of buying a small willow screen I have started to make a screen from bits of bamboo, raspberry canes and twigs. Toad Hall is near the nettle patch so am thinking of winding nettle stalks through the twigs or sowing some trailing nasturtium seeds to create a private toad haven.   A plan in the making and a lot of fun.

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One thought on “Toad Hall – One tiny room rent free

  1. Toads are great little friends. I almost always encounter one or two when I’m working in the beds and always try to steer them back into my own plot and not someone else’s when they hop away. I hope you attract some!

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