A New Miracle Product?

The slugs have descended with a vengeance.  Are they wanting a restful sleep?  Or do they suffer from anxiety?  I ask these questions because they have devoured one of the chamomile plants.  Livid, flabbergasted, furious, gobsmacked, unbelievable come to mind,  as well as “murder the blighters”

DSCN2003 Only 30cm away another chamomile DSCN2001 untouched, but for how long?

I found one big fat yellowy brown slug hiding under some grass on the edge of the bed and sheer anger drove me to slam my foot hard on the creature. So, what is the answer.  Who am I to say that slugs can’t live on this planet.

Enter a new product (well it’s new to me) – Grazers Slugs and Snails.  The blurb states the liquid reduces the damage caused by slugs and snails without harming the plant or any other creature.


And as well as being an effective defence against slugs and snails the formula also, so the blurb states, strengthens and stimulates the growth of plants.  A miracle product?  Will it work?  The problem is I quite like snails and find them kind of beautiful.  Do I really want to starve them to death?  Slugs on the other hand are just plain ugly.  Still, the question remains, how do you deal with slugs and what would happen if all the slugs in the world disappeared.  Would they be missed?  Would their demise have a catastrophic effect on the planet?

The weather forecast predicts light rain over the next few days, the perfect environment for slugs.  What will they eat next?

The calendula is seeding all over the plot, one plant that slugs never touch.  Or am I about to be faced with a new breed of squishy obese slugs eating anything and everything.  And am I about to become a slug obsessed bore!



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