Pest Control

Today I was greeted by the smell of damp earth and glistening raindrops.3  The ‘miracle product’ I bought a month ago DSCN2010 after slugs feasted  on a chamomile plant works!

Before DSCN2003        Now 1 Slugs and snails don’t like the taste and slime away and the liquid stimulates growth. The blurb states it is harmless to other animals and the planet but I do need to research into the product to ensure it is definitely not harming other insects/birds etc.  (If any blogger is aware of negative effects do let me know)

Yesterday I made my “exterminate the aphids” spray (one head of chopped garlic steeped overnight in one litre of warm water, strained and mixed with a teaspoon of natural dishwashing liquid). It works well on the rose bushes.  I have yet to try on herbs and vegetables but today decided to experiment and see if the slugs and snails dislike the taste – I sprayed one of the sorrel plants. Of course it could have the opposite effect and invite the pests to a garlic flavoured dinner.  


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