New Beginnings

It seems ages since my last ramblings on allotment life – 10 months to be exact – but sometimes seeds/words refuse to sprout and grow!  I have been busy as a bee on a hot summer day and the plot is now as ready as ever for 2016.  The broad beans planted in November are moving further up the poles and the garlic planted in December is slowly growing (Picardy Wight).  Winter crocuses brought colour to the earth in February/March.

DSCN2181    cropped-dscn2178.jpg

The plot is too tidy and the overwhelming desire to sow, sow, sow bugs me most days.  Last weekend lettuce, radish and salsify seeds were carefully dropped into the newly raked earth, and the plan for the Easter break (forecast rain – naturally!) is to sow more.  The second herb patch I planted last year came good.  I macerated lavender, calendula, thyme and rose petals in oil producing a few bottles of massage oils, tins of lip balm, salves for gardener’s dry, cracked hands and a vapour rub to ease a chesty cough.  The plans are endless for this year but we have to wait and see what is to come.


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